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2010.05.19 Lunch Concert at Kerkzaal, Rotterdam 14:00

2010.05.07 Sonology Discussion Concert at Schoenbergzaal, Den Haag 19:30

2010.04.22 Lunch Concert at Music Centre Enschede, Enschede 12:30

2010.04.14 Akane Takada Lunch Concert at De Doelen, Rotterdam 12:45

2010.04.04 Piano and Violin Concert at Ontmoetingskerk, Den Haag 10:00

2010.03.21 Codarts Strijk Orkest at Zeeuwse Concertzaal, Middelburg 14:30

2010.03.19 Codarts Strijk Orkest at De Doelen, Rotterdam 20:15

2010.03.04 Lunch Concert with Cello Clotilde Lacroix at Kapelzaal, Leiden 12:45

2010.03.02 Piano and Violin Concert at Florence, Rijswijk, 19:30

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